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Gambas ist eine Programmiersprache zur Softwareentwicklung.

Es bezeichnet eine visuelle Open Source Programmierumgebung (IDE) für Basic unter Linux. Sie soll die Vorteile von Visual Basic auch unter Linux KDE verfügbar machen. Es gibt eine Windows Version, die im Gegensatz zu Visual Basic lizenzrechtlich frei ist.

Gambas wird von Benoît Minisini entwickelt, der in der Nähe von Paris wohnt. Man kann ihm nur dankbar sein und allen Respekt zollen. Gambas wird immer besser und ausgefeilter.

Die derzeitig (Dezember 2003) aktuelle Version ist gambas 0.80. Die 0.63 Version wird beispielsweise mit der Linux Professional Distribution 9.0 von Suse ausgeliefert und automatisch installiert.

Mit Gambas kann man sehr leicht

Gambas befindet sich noch in der Entwicklungsphase, es ist jedoch für kleinere Projekte schon recht brauchbar. Die IDE-Oberfläche ist selber in Gambas-BASIC geschrieben.



The IDE itself is written in Gambas-BASIC. The source can be reviewed as an example application in the

/usr/share/doc/packages/gambas directory.

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pwedeng mag add ka ng isang harddrive?

take off your linux hd first, install xp,then follow

instructions on dual booting with xp/2000 and linux.

good luck.

--- optimus <optimus at> wrote: > Hello



> > I am currently running RedHat 9.0 (only) on my

> desktop at the office. I

> > have to study Visual Basic for we are creating a

> program that uses the

> > said language. To my dismay, I have to install

> Windows in order to achieve

> > this. Is it possible to install Windows XP on a pc

> that currently only has

> > Linux? I have searched the 'net but all I found

> was how to install Linux

> > that already has Windows.

> >

> > - Andoy



> Are you still a student? If not, for what purpose

> will you use the program

> created in Visual Basic?


> I've been toying around with an IDE for Linux, and

> I'm very impressed with

> Gambas (Gambas Almost Means BASic). It includes a

> visual navigator for object

> properties and methods. It also has a decent

> debugger.


> What's neat about this IDE is that you write

> programs using your hard-earned

> Visual Basic syntax and language skills. Although

> I'm partial to 4gl

> languages since it reduces learning curve and is

> easier to debug, the 3gl

> Visual Basic syntax in Gambas approximately fits the

> bill. KDevelop and Qt

> are powerful tools, but if you're like me who wants

> to churn database-driven,

> business apps in a short span of time, and insists

> on business logic and

> providing functionality, then Gambas is it.


> Gambas is also object-oriented. You can use Qt and

> KDE class libraries if you

> like. This means that you can use pre-built KDE

> components to reduce

> application development time. You can also

> instantiate new objects and create

> your own objects.


> What about Kylix? Well, Kylix has become bloated

> more than we'd like it to be.

> It's also slow. The Gambas IDE can compile tight,

> executable code on the fly,

> ready for deployment on a Linux environment. Kylix

> is not GPL. Gambas is

> fully GPL, so you can run and be productive with it

> right away. Gambas uses

> the Visual Basic syntax only, it does not have

> incompatibilities and hidden,

> code-breaking libraries that Microsoft uses so that

> developers will be force

> to upgrade everytime a new VB version comes out.

> Gambas is free of that

> weakness, while utilizing the strengths of a 3gl.


> Gambas uses Qt widgets at the moment, but the author

> is trying to make the Gtk

> widget set work with Gambas, so you can develop apps

> for Gnome. Gambas'

> Visual Basic-like syntax is also widget-agnostic, so

> you can develop core

> libraries that other apps can use. Imagine using

> either a Gtk or a Qt

> front-end to access functionality developed in an

> easy-to-use language.

> That's something to be happy about.


> If your app is going to interface with a database,

> then we might just have to

> wait first. Gambas has database-aware widgets, but

> the developer is currently

> polishing the code for database connectivity. When

> that happens, Gambas can

> truly fly.


> I'm also hoping that Gambas can utilize KOffice

> components, so that we can

> endow our applications with spreadsheet, word

> processing, and presentation

> capabilities. That's a grand dream, but Microsoft

> was almost successful with

> that development roadmap. MS Office 2000 was fully

> programmable with Visual

> Basic for Applications, and a lot of business

> software was developed using MS

> Office objects.


> I forgot the link, but Google can help. I think it

> is on

> The current version

> of Gambas is 0.63. The

> programs are mere 2.4 MB downloads.


> Hope to hear from you about Gambas. If there are any

> show stoppers, then you

> might want to share your experiences. For Visual

> Basic mavens out there,

> Gambas is the tool that can smoothly transition your

> app-development skills

> to the Linux platform.




> optimus

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