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From: Benoit Minisini

Re: mySQL drivers

2004-04-04 09:07

On Sunday 04 April 2004 17:42, rrshanks@ch... wrote:

> Hi,

> I downloaded Gambas yesterday(April 3rd), built and installed on

> Mandrake 10.0 community release. I had previously installed mySQL 4.18 from

> the same Mandrake distribution and have been using it along with PHP

> without any problem. However Gambas is having problems using mySQL. It says

> "driver not found". Did I miss something during the build? This is what I

> did to build Gambas:


> ./configure

> make

> su -c "make install"


> I have no problems running Gambas and also some of the examples. I can"t

> connect to mySQL on my computer.


> Gambas is very impressive. Great job!


> -Ravi



Did you install mysql development packages ? (I should make a shortcut on my

keyboard for this question, I ask it so many times !)

Install the packages named MySQL-client-XXX, I think it will install all

needed packages.



Benoit Minisini